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The Ver­ba­tim USB-C Pocket Card Reader ( go.mac­ sup­ports UHS-II speeds, is fairly com­pact, and costs just $17 from Ama­zon ( go.mac­ That makes for a win­ning com­bi­na­tion.

When we com­pared a host of USB-C mem­ory card read­ers, the San­disk Ex­treme Pro UHS-II USB-C Reader ( go. mac­ came out as the fastest choice. It sup­ports UHS-II SD cards, which in­cor­po­rate two rows of con­tacts to read data at a the­o­ret­i­cal max­i­mum of 312 Mbps. (See our SD Card Ex­plainer [ go. mac­] for de­tails on the many acronyms and spec­i­fi­ca­tions of

th­ese tiny lit­tle mem­ory cards.)

The down­side is that it’s $47.

Our run­ner up, the Ca­ble

Mat­ters USB 3.1 Type-c Dual

Slot Card Reader for Mi­cro SD/

SDHC/SDXC Mem­ory Cards ( go.mac­, costs

$12, but doesn’t sup­port UHS-II.

In our speed test­ing, the

San­disk reader still bested the

Ver­ba­tim, but not by much.

Trans­fer­ring 8.43GB of still pho­tos (raw and JPEG im­ages,

463 files) from a San­disk

Ex­treme Pro UHS-II card rated at 280 Mbps to a 2016 15-inch Macbook Pro with Touch Bar took an av­er­age of 47 sec­onds, or about 179 megabytes per sec­ond (Mbps). Copy­ing 8.21GB of video (6 files) took an av­er­age of 37 sec­onds, or about 222 Mbps.

To com­pare, mov­ing the same data us­ing the San­disk reader took 44 sec­onds for still pho­tos (about 192 Mbps) and 32 sec­onds for video (about 257 Mbps).

If you use both SD and Mi­cro SD cards in your pho­tog­ra­phy or videog­ra­phy, the Ver­ba­tim card ac­cepts both; the San­disk reads only SD cards. The Ver­ba­tim’s de­sign is a bit bulky, with a short USB-C ca­ble that pops out from the bot­tom, so it won’t be the best look­ing USB-C adapter in your bag, but it won’t take up too much ex­tra space, ei­ther.


You no longer need to pay a pre­mium for UHS-II speed. Although the San­disk reader will do the job a few sec­onds faster than the Ver­ba­tim reader, the lat­ter is the bet­ter deal for the price. ■

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