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com­pletely. Time Ma­chine will of­fer to han­dle the era­sure and for­mat­ting if you try to use an APFS drive for Time Ma­chine. But that, of course, doesn’t re­store your ar­chives, either.

There’s no ad­van­tage to us­ing APFS on hard drives, and the filesys­tem isn’t ready for (or maybe will never come to?) Fu­sion drives that pair an SSD and hard drive for af­ford­abil­ity, so I re­it­er­ate my ad­vice: don’t up­grade drives man­u­ally to APFS.


I of­ten rec­om­mend the not-quite-hid­den app Im­age Cap­ture to peo­ple hav­ing trou­ble get­ting im­ages trans­ferred or sync from IOS de­vices, es­pe­cially if they’re us­ing itunes sync. It’s a way to peer into photo stor­age on an IOS de­vice, as well as cam­era cards and other places. (It han­dles scan­ners, too, but some read­ers have found in High Sierra that they had to use Pre­view with their scan­ner.)

How­ever, Mac­world reader Larry wrote in ask­ing about an ar­ti­cle from July 2017 in which we noted that Im­age Cap­ture also let you delete im­ages di­rectly from an IOS de­vice. (Ac­tu­ally, it was an­other pub­li­ca­tion that wrote that ar­ti­cle, but we’re happy to an­swer the ques­tion.)

Larry asks, “There is no delete but­ton and delete in the Edit menu is grayed out. What am I do­ing wrong?”

If you’re us­ing icloud Photo Li­brary on your IOS de­vice, Im­age Cap­ture dis­ables the Delete but­ton, as icloud man­ages all the im­ages and videos stored on that IOS de­vice. If you could delete from Im­age Cap­ture, it would have to prompt you about delet­ing from all other de­vices con­nected to icloud Photo Li­brary and from, and that goes be­yond the task level as­signed to Im­age Cap­ture.

With icloud Photo Li­brary en­abled, you have to use, or an IOS de­vice or Mac with the fea­ture en­abled to delete im­ages. Those im­ages will then be deleted off every con­nected de­vice and ■ We’ve com­piled a list of the most com­monly asked ques­tions we get, and the an­swers to them: go.mac­­faq to see if you’re cov­ered. If not, we’re al­ways look­ing for new prob­lems to solve! Email us at [email protected]­ in­clud­ing screen cap­tures as ap­pro­pri­ate.

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