Ap­ple will drop Back to My Mac in macos Mo­jave

Ap­ple has other tools you can use to re­motely man­age Macs.

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With all the new fea­tures com­ing to macos 10.14 Mo­jave ( go.mac­world.com/ evmv), there’s ac­tu­ally one fea­ture that’s go­ing away when Ap­ple of­fi­cially re­leases the up­grade this fall: Back to My Mac ( go.mac­world.com/b2mc).

As pointed out by Macru­mors ( go. mac­world.com/alrt), beta ver­sions of Mo­jave started to alert users that Back to My Mac will end soon. An Ap­ple sup­port doc­u­ment ( go.mac­world.com/prep; posted on Au­gust 9, 2018) con­firms that the fea­ture will not be sup­ported in Mo­jave.

What is Back to My Mac? It al­lows users to re­motely ac­cess Macs to per­form file shar­ing and screen shar­ing. It re­quires the Macs in­volved to use the same icloud ac­count and run at least OS X 10.7.5 Lion.

If you don’t up­grade to Mo­jave, you

can still use Back to My Mac. Ap­ple has a sup­port doc­u­ment on how to set it up ( go. mac­world.com/stup).


If you do plan to run Mo­jave but rely on Back to My Mac, here are some work­arounds for when the fea­ture dis­ap­pears. Ap­ple also has a sup­port doc­u­ment to help you pre­pare ( go. mac­world.com/prep).

File shar­ing

If you want files to be avail­able on mul­ti­ple Macs at all times, Ap­ple rec­om­mends us­ing icloud Drive and the Desk­top and Doc­u­ments Fold­ers op­tion. Here’s how to turn on Desk­top and Doc­u­ments ( go. mac­world.com/dkdc), as well as some tips on get­ting the most out of Desk­top and Doc­u­ments ( go. mac­world.com/avdk).

If you sim­ply want to trans­fer a file from one Mac to an­other on the same net­work, you can use Air­drop ( go.mac­world.com/aird).

You can also use a third-party on­line file storage/sync ser­vice, such as Drop­box ( go.mac­world. com/drbx), Mi­crosoft Onedrive ( go. mac­world.com/1drv), or Google

Drive ( go.mac­world.com/gldr).

You’ll have to rely on the ser­vice’s soft­ware or browser in­ter­face, though.

Screen shar­ing

MACOS has a screen-shar­ing fea­ture built in. You can find it un­der Sys­tem Pref­er­ences → Shar­ing. In the box to the left, mark the check­box for Screen Shar­ing. You can spec­ify which users can per­form screen shar­ing, or al­low ac­cess for all users. Here are the de­tails for set­ting up screen shar­ing ( go. mac­world.com/stsh).

Use Ap­ple Re­mote Desk­top to man­age re­mote Macs

Ap­ple rec­om­mends the Ap­ple Re­mote Desk­top app ($79.99 from go.mac­world. com/rmdk) for more in-depth re­mote-mac man­age­ment. ■

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