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Ubisoft’s Hun­gry Dragon isn’t too high-con­cept: It’s truly a game about a starv­ing, fly­ing, winged beast who needs to fill its tummy. And that’s your task here, as you soar in all direc­tions around the side-scrolling en­vi­ron­ment and scarf down any birds, sheep, peo­ple, giant spi­ders, and odd mon­sters you find along the way. Be­yond the ini­tial amuse­ment of swal­low­ing flee­ing beasts (and the oc­ca­sional sur­pris­ing splash of gore), the quests and pro­gres­sion sys­tem keep Hun­gry Dragon en­ter­tain­ing. With the prospect of much larger crea­tures to com­mand, you’ll want to keep eat­ing un­til you’ve un­locked the next dragon. And thus the chomp­ing cy­cle be­gins anew.

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