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The makes Kasa no Smart com­pro­mises Wi-fi Power in pro­vid­ing Strip from six Tp-link switched smart out­lets and three al­ways-on fast USB charg­ing ports along with power-surge pro­tec­tion. Ground­ing and pro­tec­tion sta­tus LEDS are on the top at the de­vice near a cir­cu­lar in­di­ca­tor that shows whether the de­vice is fully on or off, while an ana­log power switch is re­cessed un­der the strip. The IOS app used to con­trol the Kasa is al­most per­fectly or­ga­nized, and it has an ex­cel­lent user in­ter­face cou­pled with graph­i­cal re­in­force­ment of ac­tions and be­hav­iors to make it crys­tal clear what ac­tion you’re tak­ing and which out­let you’ve sched­uled.—

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