Malvern Daily Record

First United Methodist Church

- By Gerren Smith Staff Writer

Troy Conrad, pastor of First United Methodist Church in Malvern, along with his family has adapted to their new home and the heartfelt welcoming of the community in Malvern.

Conrad, originally from Greenwood, mentioned, "being a Methodist Pastor has enabled me to live in several areas of the state. Each place we move to, it becomes our home."

He feels blessed to continue his ministry work with his family in Malvern.

"God has blessed me tremendous­ly in my life through my wife and my children and my work both in the secular world and in my ministry," Conrad said. "God has offered me many avenues to help bring about the Kingdom and I look forward to serving in whatever capacity God has in store for me here at Malvern," he added.

As an accomplish­ed minister, family man and a true man of God, Conrad is very thankful to his Heavenly Father for all of the many blessings he has endured throughout his christian journey and leap in faith.

Conrad mentioned there are several aspects to his life and the foremost is personal holiness.

"I pray daily, I fast regularly, I read and study the Bible everyday," he noted.

Conrad loves his involvemen­t with the First United Methodist Church family since being pastor. He makes sure everyone stays connected by several ministry activities to gain spiritual growth.

"We are currently in a “read the Bible in a year” program if you’d like to check it out. I constantly try to broaden my awareness in learning how to effectivel­y communicat­e God's word to my congregati­on through preaching and Bible Studies," Conrad said. "I have also written a few books that are so far unpublishe­d books about theology and maintainin­g faith in the real world," he added.

Conrad also stated, "In my ministry, I have been active both in my church and on the district and state levels doing my best to fulfill whatever ministeria­l need I can. I was also very active with a hurricane relief organizati­on that helped to relocate hundreds of hurricane victims. And was a Disaster Relief Trainer for UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief). I am active with summer camps, and am constantly trying to find ways to bring ministry to our youth of all ages through the natural world."

At an early age of Conrad's childhood, he knew he wanted to be in the ministry as a pastor. Now, Conrad has been in his calling as minister for many years.

"When I was four years old I decided that I wanted to be a pastor. Time passed and my calling was put on the back burner while I tried my hand in the secular world," Conrad said.

He mentioned, "A little over 20 years ago, when I turned 30 years-old that calling was reawakened inside of me and ever since, I've dedicated my life to understand­ing God's Word and how to preach Jesus in my ministry and going on to personal

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