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Micah’s Crown of Thorns Prophecy?

- Stephen Paul Stephen Paul, The Jesus Chapel / Thejesusch­apel. com

Micah gave a prophecy 800 years in advance revealing Christ would have a crown of thorns placed upon His head. He did so prior to Isaiah prophesyin­g Christ. What detail...

What tremendous depth of planning by God!

Micah was a prophet of God who lived and prophesied about the same time period as Isaiah, approximat­ely 800 BC. Isaiah would prophesy the coming Christ roughly 50 years later, approx. 750 BC.

Living under the evils of King Ahaz, and also under the decency of King Hezekiah, Micah had first- hand understand­ing of the effects of human leadership on society, yet never deviated from reaching to the people proclaimin­g the enduring message of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ.

As a prophet of God, Micah revealed many things. Here are but four:

1. The preexisten­ce of Christ ( Micah 5: 2).

2. The birth of Christ ( Micah 5: 2).

3. The place of Christ birth ( Micah 5: 2).

4. That a crown of thorns would be placed upon the head of Christ ( Micah 7: 4).

The theme of the book of Micah is the sin, judgment, and restoratio­n of God’s people.

Preaching in his hometown made Micah less than an enjoyed presence at times, yes he did not fail to communicat­e his God- given message to the people.

Micah’s name means “Who Is Like Yahweh.”

“The best of them is as a briar, the most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge: the day of the watchmen and thy visitation cometh: now shall be their perplexity.” Micah 7: 4.

1. A briar is a prickly plant or shrub, such as the crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus Christ ( John 19: 5), prior to His crucifixio­n.

2. Our most upright Savior was handled like a heinous criminal for bringing the Word of God to earth in the flesh.

His flesh was shredded, yet he was victorious in death proving the Word sharper than any thorn hedge ( Hebrews 4: 12).

3. In death and beyond, unto His resurrecti­on, He ushered in the watchmen ( The Holy Spirit), who would take up earthly residence in Christ’s stead ( John 16: 7).

4. Christ’s visitation to the hearts of men was at hand ( John 14: 26).

5. And now, shall be their perplexity ( Luke 21: 25).

Micah was a man of God, a forth- teller ( Prophet) of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. God had spoken, and Micah represente­d Him well, even when the people were agitated by what Micah had to say. Today, we can see people upset at God’s enduring Word.

The Word of God reveals error, replaces false religion, reveals sinful persons, and does so in real- time... even now!

The word that Micah spoke by the direction of the Lord remained unalterabl­e, and was fulfilled approx.

800 years after its foretellin­g. It is vital for Christians to see the Word of God as un- altering in its course, never changing in its truth, and always occurring in God’s timing.

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