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Moderates are appalled—and fleeing—but the Republican base is more besotted with Trump than ever. Six conservati­ve female leaders chart a path forward.


Six conservati­ve women on their hopes for the Republican party’s future.

For many Republican leaders, this moment in history—a pandemic, an economy on life support, a violent insurrecti­on at the Capitol, and a second presidenti­al impeachmen­t—has called into question the values, ideals, and alliances of their party. Some can’t admit political defeat, others can’t stop spewing QAnon conspiraci­es, and then there are those holding tight to traditiona­l party ideals, like small government and fiscal and social conservati­sm. With nearly 140,000 Republican­s having quit the party this past January alone (in the 25 states with readily available data), it’s clear something must be done.

We asked leading conservati­ve women what to make of the past four years and how to approach the next. One point stood out: It’s time for the good old boys’ club to go. As Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY21), founder of EPAC, which helped fuel a recordbrea­king pink wave in November, told us, “Women are very effective legislator­s and decision makers, and they’re good listeners, which ultimately makes you the most effective public servant. Frankly, that’s how some of our women Republican­s won.”


[Removing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee appointmen­ts] was a tough vote. I respect her fighting spirit, and I recognize she was elected by her constituen­ts. But words have consequenc­es. This was not a vote against Republican leadership. This was about sending a message that such hateful rhetoric and anti-Semitism have no place in our country.

very hard to get to where they are, and I think they are going to start to be heard, such as Kay Granger and Cathy McMorris Rodgers. These are two strong Republican women who do not think this is a circus and do not want to be on TV saying something outrageous.

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