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Toxic masculinit­y education key right now


In his recent Marin Voice commentary (“Resisting masks part of harmful effect of masculinit­y,” Sept. 24), Jonathan Deras shares powerful and poignant words. He clearly articulate­d the pressure onmen to be “masculine,” tough or in control, and how it not only damages men’s own psyches, but also harms others in many ways.

During the pandemic, this tragedy is expressed by men who see wearing a mask as a “weakness” or expressing vulnerabil­ity.

The stigma of wearing a mask supersedes the importance of keeping themselves, their loved ones and whole communitie­s safe from the virus. It is so sad, but also horrifying.

I applaud Deras for doing the tremendous­ly important work at the Center for Domestic Peace — helping young men see the harmful effects of toxic masculinit­y and helping them aspire to a more humane, compassion­ate and caring posture in the world. This is some of the most important work on earth right now. Thank you.

— Shirl Buss, San Rafael

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