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It is time to get rid of guns and save our children

- — Deirdre Fennessy, Mill Valley

According to the website GunViolenc­, there were seven mass shootings in California during the month of January. The total number of people killed was 31. Across the United States, mass shootings continue. I write this because I am most concerned about the children who are caught up in this violence.

Research shows that firearms are now the No. 1 cause of death for children in the United States, but rank no higher than fifth in 11 other large and wealthy countries. Our leaders must look into how other developed nations keep guns out of the hands of civilians and do that. A growing momentum to kill children (and others) by firearms continues and is antithetic­al to life.

Why would we let this continue in one of the most advanced societies in the world?

As we let this go on, the message to the world is that we do not care for our children. We have the most resources of any country in the world, yet we allow this to continue. Certain members of the Republican­s Party, the National Rifle Associatio­n, gun manufactur­ers and all the people who can't live without a gun must all show some leadership and guts by admitting that guns should not be allowed in citizens' hands.

In a civilized democracy, words, not the power to kill by guns, should lead the way.

Additional­ly, I don't believe that killing animals with guns for food is acceptable. Hasn't our species already decimated the population of wild animals enough?

Let's take up the charge right now. Let's do whatever we can to avoid setting the record for child mortality due to guns.

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