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Marin Theater's `Justice' proves to be excellent tale

- — Mia McCall, Mill Valley

I am a huge fan of Marin Theater's current performanc­e of “Justice.” I highly recommend attending this remarkable show. It's a brief, fast-paced and engrossing 90-minute show that left me exhilarate­d and renewed.

I was disappoint­ed to read the cynical and contradict­ory review in the IJ (“Marin Theatre Company musical `Justice' celebrates Supreme Court women in song,” Feb. 23) Critic Sam Hurwitt ends piece noting that “it's a show designed … to inspire a new generation to continue the fight, especially when the odds seem stacked against them. That message is hammered home…. and right now it's one that a lot of people sorely need to hear.” However, I think the rest of Hurwitt's review makes the show sound like dark drudgery.

I found “Justice” as inspiratio­nal as Hurwitt said it was designed to be. Hurwitt wrote that the time frame of the piece was not clear, yet I was gobsmacked to realize I had lived through all this and now it is history. I was grateful to be reminded of what I had forgotten, not known or had not understood at the time.

Hurwitt acknowledg­es the powerful singing by the three actresses, Stephanie Prentice, Lynda DiVito and Karen Murphy, and I found their acting superb, as well. They nailed their distinct characters, conveying their personalit­ies and individual stories in a way I had not previously appreciate­d. At times, I was moved to tears.

I would like to laud the dynamic stage setting by Carlos Aceves and how Director Ashley Rodbro communicat­es so many important messages through every move, scene, prop and costume. Everything was well done, so much so that I wondered what it would be like to watch this play on the Kennedy Center stage in Washington,

DC. It was that big.

Go see “Justice,” make up your own mind and support our local theater.

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