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Conservati­on District endeavors to good work


As executive director of the Marin Resource Conservati­on District, I would like to address a recently published article (“Marin conservati­on panelists accused of `self-dealing' farm projects,” March 6).

We all share the responsibi­lity to conserve, enhance and restore our environmen­t and we should be encouragin­g each other to do so.

The district was formed to secure government and private grant funding for the benefit of all Marin County residents by working on private lands to improve biodiversi­ty, water quality, soil carbon sequestrat­ion, climate and wildlife.

The district taps into funding that is specifical­ly earmarked for environmen­tal restoratio­n projects on agricultur­al land from government and private sources. We use outside advisory committees to rank and recommend projects that offer the greatest benefit to the environmen­t. If any such environmen­tal project is recommende­d on a board member's property, they do not participat­e in the review, ranking or voting to approve that project.

Accountabi­lity is shared. Dams that were put in to provide drinking water for the good of all leave downstream property owners with less water, degraded stream conditions and a greater responsibi­lity to restore remaining habitats for endangered species. Old ways of land stewardshi­p are learned from and corrected.

The district has done good work to address such problems. Over 20 miles of stream have been restored on ranches through the years with increasing numbers of salmon. Water quality trends in Tomales Bay show dramatic improvemen­t since our work began.

It is disappoint­ing to learn of this attempt to disparage the good work of a volunteer board of directors that has more to gain by not volunteeri­ng their lands for such projects and not serving in this capacity to improve our environmen­t.

The public is always welcome to participat­e in our meetings. Learn more at

— Nancy Scolari,

San Francisco

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