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I can’t re­mem­ber an ar­ti­cle that hit home more than the lat­est “From the Bridge” in the Au­gust/Septem­ber is­sue. Capt. Skip Smith and I never shook hands in the many years we both plied the dif­fer­ent oceans in our jobs as pro­fes­sional cap­tains. I was brought to the same re­al­iza­tion con­cern­ing the ar­ti­cle “Sea Health.” On Face­book, Dean Ja­cobs re­cently men­tioned that as far as he could re­mem­ber, I was the last of my group.

Skip cer­tainly had the right mes­sage for all the cap­tains who have 20 or more years in the busi­ness and haven’t taken the time for a phys­i­cal. I am 88 years old and spent at least 70 of those years ei­ther as a cap­tain or mate. When I was 38, I mar­ried Glo­ria John­son. I quit be­ing an ac­tive char­ter cap­tain, and to­gether we fished the oceans of the world. Be­ing her hus­band, I had a yearly phys­i­cal. That is why I am still here and can write this let­ter. I have had nu­mer­ous can­cers re­moved and have my hy­per­ten­sion un­der con­trol.

Yes, I no­ticed my good cap­tain and mate friends were pass­ing be­fore their time, but I never re­al­ized that, had they had done what Skip so elo­quently wrote, many would have lived much longer. Thanks, Skip. I hope all the cap­tains and mates and oth­ers that are on the wa­ter take his ar­ti­cle to heart.

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