What is your fa­vorite live bait?


“I re­ally like a big ocean­go­ing bonito and, of course, a blackfin tuna. But if all I have are hard­tails, then they are my fa­vorite bait at the time. I have even used rain­bow run­ners.” —JOHNNYDORLAND

“A big skip­jack is my fa­vorite. They are faster than blackfin tuna, so the mar­lin do not get a chance to chase them down as of­ten. I think they are a unique bait.” —JEFF SHOULTS

“We like to use skip­jacks when­ever we can. They aren’t as plen­ti­ful as black­fins, so it’s al­most like we are of­fer­ing the mar­lin a spe­cial treat when we put one out.” —JOE BIR­BECK

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