Austin Coit

Master of drama and light


St. Petersburg, Florida’s Austin Coit is no stranger to the effects of light and shadow; it’s a vivid, dramatic look into the art of sport fishing. His skills stemmed from an appreciati­on for the cutting-edge content coming from the surfing industry. He further explored photograph­y during a trip to Alaska, honing his skills in a college documentar­y production class. Since he was already involved in the fishing community, he merged the two passions for a fulltime career in marine photograph­y.

Coit captures images of sportfishe­rs crashing through stormy seas, marlin twisting aggressive­ly in attempts to throw the hook, and the

delicate intricacie­s of fish patterns and scales. “I like creating narratives implicitly with photograph­y rather than explicitly, so I try to do that as much as possible,” he says.

Coit’s first published shot—an image of feeding ballyhoo—was featured in Marlin. Recalling the moment, he said, “I’m pretty sure I screamed; I think I called like 15 people to tell them.” Although his striking photos are multifacet­ed, he enjoys taking portraits most of all.


His beautiful imagery is captured with a Canon 1DX Mark II when shooting on the water, and Sony camera bodies for everything else, while relying on a gamut of lenses with varying focal lengths. “It’s important to always be ready,” Coit says.


“One that still sticks out is the allblack shot of an F&S yacht going upsea in South Florida,” says Coit of an image that appeared on the cover of the April/May 2017 issue of Marlin.

“It was a matter of lots of unpredicta­ble factors coming together at once,” he continues. “The sky offshore was super dark from a storm, and there was just enough sun hitting the side of the boat that I was able to smash the shadows and make it look like the whole thing was black. That was one of those insane moments where, if I hadn’t been ready for it, I would have blinked and missed it.”

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