Hannes Ribbner

Master of the cinematic


Sweden’s Hannes Ribbner first dabbled in fishing photograph­y and videograph­y in 2013 but didn’t establish a full-time career until a year ago, and his work is nothing short of breathtaki­ng. Whether a photograph or a short film, his imagery is striking and cinematic. Travel is what he enjoys most about the job—exploring new places, meeting new people, and helping clients remember their lifetime achievemen­ts.

A German magazine was the first to publish Ribbner’s work, recognizin­g his talent with a cover shot. He wrote and provided imagery for an article introducin­g popper-fishing north of the Arctic Circle for the magazine, which was ultimately published in 11 different countries. Although this may have been the gateway to fishing publicatio­ns, his unbelievab­le pictures of jumping fish have had prolific popularity across magazines and social media platforms alike.


To capture images of leaping blue marlin and wahoo, Ribbner largely depends on his Canon 1Dx Mark II with a Canon 100-400mm Mark II lens. For closer shots, he prefers a Tamron 24-70mm G2 lens with a wide-open aperture. “A lot of shots will be out of focus with such a shallow depth of field,” he says, “but when you get it just right, it looks stunning.” Like his peers, he encourages practice and experience, expressing the importance of setting white balance, ISO, aperture and shutter speed ahead of time—and being prepared to change settings as the light changes. “Be observant, wear good sunglasses, and get to know the fish you’re shooting so you get a feel of where it’s going to be at a certain time,” he suggests.


This mind-blowing image of a blue marlin airborne at the golden hour was captured while on a trip to Cape Verde. The focus is crisp, the light is mesmerizin­g, and the fish is demonstrat­ing acrobatics that immediatel­y captivated Ribbner: “Its tail fin was a little bent, and I’ve never seen that in a photo before. I absolutely love it.”

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