■ Be sure to visit the boatyard you’re considerin­g before you need it, looking at works in progress and their condition/cleanlines­s.

■ Give yourself plenty of time for the project to be completed in full.

■ Be sure to ask if the crew is allowed to assist with the project.

■ Remove the contents of the refrigerat­ors and freezers, and clear the boat of any items likely to spoil should the power be interrupte­d.

■ Captains should stay in constant communicat­ion with the service writer and keep the owner advised of the project’s progress.

■ Be sure you are easily reached should an item come up that needs immediate attention.

■ Any changes in the work order should be communicat­ed to the owner before it is completed.

■ Have a written record of all sea-trial data.

■ Wash the exterior as time and conditions permit.

■ Treat all yard personnel with respect.

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