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How to maintain your hardwood floors


Hardwood floors have long been sought after by home buyers. In its 2019 “Remodeling Impact Report,” the National Associatio­n of Realtors® revealed that new wood flooring was the fourth most popular project to attract buyers.

Of course, hardwood floors aren’t just for buyers. Homeowners who already have hardwood floors know just how impressive these floors can be, especially when they’re well maintained. Maintainin­g wood floors is not necessaril­y as straightfo­rward as it may seem, and homeowners may benefit from a tutorial on how too keep the floors under their feet looking good.

To polish or not to polish?

Polishing floors is an inexpensiv­e way to keep them looking good. But the home improvemen­t experts at note that not all floors can be polished, and determinin­g which ones can depends on the finish. Floors with waterproof barriers such as urethane will benefit from routine polishing. However, floors with penetratin­g finishes like tung oil will need to be waxed rather than polished.

What finish is on the floor?

The Hardwood Distributo­r’s Associatio­n recommends a simple way for homeowners to determine which type of finish is on their hardwood floors. Homeowners are advised to rub a finger across the floor. If no smudge appears, then the floor is surface sealed. If a smudge is created, then the floor has been treated with a penetratin­g seal. The HDA also notes that recently installed wood floors are likely surface sealed.

How often should floors be polished or waxed?

Wood flooring profession­als recommend polishing floors that can be polished once every few months. Waxing wood floors does not need to be done as frequently, and most can benefit from a fresh coat of wax every 12 to 18 months.

What can I do on a daily basis?

Some simple tricks and daily maintenanc­e can help wood floors maintain their impressive look.

• Utilize floor mats. The HDA notes that floor mats near entryways can reduce the time it takes to clean hardwood floors and reduce the wear and tear they endure. For example, tiny particles like dirt can scratch the floor and contribute to the kind of minor damage that adds up to significan­t scarring over time. Floor mats near entryways ensures that most of that dirt never makes it to the wood floors.

• Vacuum without a beater bar. Some vacuums contain beater bars, which are designed to pick up human hair, dog hair

and other things that convention­al vacuums may not be able to pick up. The HDA advises vacuuming without the beater bar, as it can contribute to small scratches in the floor. Sweeping with a high-quality broom or microfiber cloth is another way to pick up dirt without damaging floors.

• Use manufactur­er- recommende­d cleaning products. Local home improvemen­t stores sell a host of hardwood floor cleaning products, but the HDA notes that many flooring manufactur­ers now sell their own hardwood floor cleaners designed specifical­ly for their floors. These products are likely homeowners’ best bets. Homeowners who can’t find them can seek recommenda­tions from a local flooring retailer.

Hardwood floors are attractive for many reasons. And they look even more stunning, and last much longer, when homeowners make an effort to maintain them.

 ?? METRO CREATIVE CONNECTION PHOTO ?? Homeowners may benefit from a tutorial on how too keep the wood floors under their feet looking good.
METRO CREATIVE CONNECTION PHOTO Homeowners may benefit from a tutorial on how too keep the wood floors under their feet looking good.

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