10. Rethink Fur­nish­ings

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Clas­sic pieces don’t have to be used only for their orig­i­nal pur­pose. Flip some­thing on its side or add a few shelves, and it can do a com­pletely dif­fer­ent job. For in­stance, if you no longer re­quire your ar­moire to store clothes, turn it into a cab­i­net with cub­bies to keep linens of dif­fer­ent sizes, from quilts to pil­low­cases, neatly stacked:

Mea­sure the ar­moire’s in­te­rior to de­ter­mine where you want your cub­bies and how many ply­wood di­viders you need to cre­ate them. With a ta­ble saw, cut ½ -inch-thick ply­wood to the height of the space be­tween shelves and the depth of shelves (or have this done at the lum­ber­yard). Lightly sand cut edges with fine- grade sand­pa­per. To cre­ate chan­nels for them to slide into, cut 4 lengths of ⅜- inch red- oak cove mold­ing for each. Place cub­bies where de­sired; mark edges. Re­move di­viders; mount mold­ing at mark­ings, and se­cure with wood glue and ¾ -inch brads. Slide cubby walls into chan­nels. For a seam­less look, paint unit, in­side and out, the same shade; for a pop of color, paint cub­bies in a con­trast­ing hue.

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