Ka­vanaugh’s treat­ment shame­ful

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Sen­a­tor Chris Van Hollen sent out an email to his con­stituents “Fight­ing for the Truth.”

He is try­ing to jus­tify the dis­grace­ful de­struc­tion of Judge Ka­vanaugh. I was against the Repub­li­cans’ treat­ment of Judge Gar­land, but this sham is im­moral. The Democrats (my party) never in­tended to give Judge Ka­vanaugh a fair hear­ing; they are al­ready im­peach­ing him.

I was against im­peach­ing Pres­i­dent Clin­ton for much more se­ri­ous ac­tions, be­cause the countr y knew about Arkansas be­fore he was elected.

I don’t deny that Dr. Ford may have been sex­u­ally abused by some­one in Bethesda, but ques­tion it be­ing Brett Ka­vanaugh. The thing that makes this a trav­esty is that the Democrats knew about the let­ter for months and got her an ac­tivist lawyer to pre­pare her for a bi­ased hear­ings sham. She did not have to tes­tify in front of the ac­cused and look him the eye and say (I’m 100 pre­cent sure) you mo­lested me.

Two months coach­ing can pre­pare a well-scripted tes­ti­mony if you don’t have to face the ac­cused.

This is what the Sixth Amend­ment was writ­ten to pro­tect against; the hear­ings may not be a crim­i­nal prose­cu­tion by law, but the ac­cused should still be treated fairly.

The Sixth Amend­ment states, “In all crim­i­nal pros­e­cu­tions, the ac­cused shall en­joy the right to a speedy and pub­lic trial, by an im­par­tial jury of the State and dis­trict wherein the crime shall have been com­mit­ted, which dis­trict shall have been pre­vi­ously as­cer­tained by law, and to be in­formed of the na­ture and cause of the ac­cu­sa­tion; to be con­fronted with the wit­nesses against him; to have com­pul­sor y process for ob­tain­ing wit­nesses in his fa­vor, and to have the As­sis­tance of Coun­sel for his de­fence.”

Sen­a­tor Van Hollen should be chastis­ing his state law en­force­ment of­fi­cials to in­ves­ti­gate the “al­leged” crime. It is not a fed­eral crime and should be han­dled by the lo­cal au­thor­i­ties. He im­plies that the FBI has done poor back­ground checks on Judge Ka­vanaugh through­out his years of ex­em­plary ser­vice.


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