Fa­vorite places in the area: ‘The Sut­ter Buttes and Beale Falls’

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Bran­don Osby. 28.

Mother, Becky; father, Hil­ton; sis­ters, Jazmine and Erica, brother Adrian; daugh­ter, Ja­niah; sons, Dar­ren and Jaylin; and niece, Kaliah. Plumas Lake. Fuel sys­tems ser­vice


What’s your walk-up in­tro mu­sic? It would have to be “Too Short – Life of the Party.” When I en­ter a room or party, I feel like the life of the party. I’m very so­cial and get along with ev­ery­one. I can make a con­ver­sa­tion with a room full of strangers.

Hob­bies, in­ter­ests: I love stay­ing ac­tive. I en­joy rid­ing my street bike with friends, go­ing fish­ing (a lot), go­ing out to the lake on my jet skis, and most of all see­ing new places.

What brought you to the Yuba-sut­ter area? My fam­ily moved here years ago from Puerto Rico. My grand­fa­ther was in the mil­i­tary and was sta­tioned in Puerto Rico, where he met my grand­mother. They got mar­ried, and soon he was sta­tioned here at Beale (Air Force Base), and we have been here ever since. I re­cently bought a home in the com­mu­nity, so I’m here to stay.

What do you like about the area? We are a lit­tle big com­mu­nity. We have a very di­verse com­mu­nity of all races in our small town. I also like that we are close to ev­ery­thing. We’re just a cou­ple hours from the beach, snow and big cities.

Where would you like to re­tire to/live for a year? I would have to say Mi­ami. I went on va­ca­tion there in 2016, and it was one of the best trips of my life. The di­verse cul­tures, food, beaches, so­cial and nightlife scene is def­i­nitely worth re­turn­ing.

Belize. That place is so beau­ti­ful. I’ve al­ways said that would be my hon­ey­moon des­ti­na­tion if and when I get mar­ried. The see-through oceans and peace­ful re­lax­ing beaches and all of the food. I love all dif­fer­ent kinds of foods.

What is the clos­est you’ve been to a fa­mous per­son? In 2016, I was on va­ca­tion in Mi­ami Beach, Florida, and I was stay­ing at the same re­sort as Christina Mil­lan. I ended up swim­ming in the same pool as her. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I ended up say­ing hi af­ter hours of liq­uid courage.

What would you do with a mil­lion dol­lars? I would pay off all debts like my house, car and other bills. Then I would make sure my par­ents and sib­lings are all good. I would make sure all of my fam­ily is good as well and help with what I can. I would also help my friends in need, and give some peo­ple that ex­tra help you wish you had some­times.

Fa­vorite mem­ory to share: Aug. 7, 2014, the day I be­came a father to my twins, Jaylin and Ja­niah Osby. This is a mem­ory I can al­ways look back on and smile. It makes my heart warm and happy think­ing about my kids. When­ever I’m hav­ing a bad day, my kids can al­ways turn it around. You would never think you could love two lit­tle peo­ple so much. It’s the great­est feel­ing in the world be­ing a dad. Es­pe­cially when your kids tell you how much they love you. It makes your heart melt and makes it all worth while.

Dream job when you were a kid: When I was a kid, I was de­ter­mined to be a lawyer. I knew I was go­ing to ma­jor in crim­i­nal jus­tice. Now that I’m older, crim­i­nal jus­tice is noth­ing that I want to do. This is one of those things that change with age.

Cur­rent dream job: A car de­signer, I love cars. I would love to be able to de­sign and build cars for a com­pany.

Fa­vorite places in the area: The Sut­ter Buttes and Beale Falls. Some­times when I’m hav­ing a bad day or am stressed I’ll take a drive up through the Sut­ter Buttes, or take a hike up to Beale Falls. The peace­ful drive or hike, and scenery puts me a re­lax­ing, calm­ing state. Es­pe­cially when it’s rain­ing. Driv­ing through the Sut­ter Buttes or hear­ing the wa­ter­fall at Beale Falls makes me just for­get about ev­ery­thing for a split sec­ond. It’s an es­cape away from re­al­ity some­times. It’s nice.

Mem­ber­ships in lo­cal or­ga­ni­za­tions/ groups: I’m a part of a lo­cal street bike club. We meet up and go on group bike rides ev­ery so of­ten.

Peo­ple mak­ing a mess. I re­ally be­lieve I have OCD is­sues. I can’t even let my kids be kids and get dirty be­cause it drives me nuts. Messes bother me and I can’t ig­nore them. If I cook, I have to clean up right af­ter and I al­ways catch my­self pick­ing up af­ter peo­ple as a habit.

What do you like about your­self? I’m al­ways a happy per­son. It could be the worst day of my life and I’ll find rea­sons to smile. I like that I’m very so­cial and can hold a con­ver­sa­tion with any­one.

What/where is your heaven on earth? Food. I love, love, love eat­ing. I love try­ing new foods and when the food is good, I’m on cloud nine in heaven.

My fa­vorite book is “The child called ‘It.’” I read this book as a school as­sign­ment in mid­dle school and was hooked ever since. It still makes me sad ev­ery time I read that book.

What movie stops you while flip­ping through the TV chan­nels? “Mrs. Doubt­fire.” It was one of my fa­vorite movies as a kid.

Fa­vorite mu­si­cal group/sports team: My fa­vorite mu­si­cal group is The 2 Live Crew. I loved hear­ing my mom and dad jam­ming to their songs. Now that I’m older, the songs grew on me as well. My fa­vorite sports team is the Oak­land Raiders. I’ve been a fan since be­fore I could re­mem­ber. I’m sad to see them leave to Las Ve­gas.

Who should play you in a movie? I al­ways get peo­ple com­ing up to me say­ing I look just like Ja­mal Lyon off of the show “Em­pire,” so I would have to say it would be him. Ac­counts Re­ceiv­able ........ Clas­si­fied Fax ................... ad­[email protected] ado­[email protected] adle­[email protected]

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Bran­don Osby, 28, of Plumas Lake works as a fuel sys­tems ser­vice tech­ni­cian.

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