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Four Yuba County COVID deaths reported

- By Robert Summa rsumma@appealdemo­

Yuba County reported four additional COVID-19 deaths on Thursday, a day after the United States surpassed 1 million deaths related to the virus since the start of the deadly pandemic.

On Thursday, the World Health Organizati­on (WHO) said the coronaviru­s pandemic has led to about 14.9 million deaths globally in the past two years.

That number, WHO said, includes those who died from a COVID-19 infection as well as those with illnesses and injuries who passed away because of limited health services and lockdowns as a result of the pandemic.

According to data from the WHO report, there were “9.49 million more

deaths than those globally reported as directly attributab­le to COVID-19.”

In the Yuba-sutter region, health officials reported that four additional Yuba County residents were confirmed to have died due to COVID-19. While the deaths weren’t reported until Thursday, officials said the deaths occurred months ago.

Those who were reported to have died were an individual in their mid-80s who was not vaccinated, an individual in their mid-60s who was fully vaccinated

and boosted, an individual in their early 90s who was not vaccinated, and an individual in their early 70s who was not vaccinated.

According to the Yuba County COVID-19 Dashboard, 54 percent of eligible Yuba County residents are fully vaccinated against the virus. Health officials continue to stress that the best way to protect against severe illness or death caused by COVID-19 is to receive a vaccinatio­n and booster shot.

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