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- By David Read

The California Arts Council is publishing a gorgeous new magazine (remember those ancient forms of communicat­ion?) called DREAM. The print version is a glossy, heavy paper stock periodical and its articles live up to the “curb appeal.”

It is an in-depth look at what’s happening in the state’s art and culture ecosystem. You can view an online version at the Council’s website. Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture was asked to write an article about its work for the next edition of DREAM due out in June.

Here are some excerpts from the last edition, “10 things everyone should know about the arts.” 1) The arts enrich our economy. Nationwide, creative industries account for 4.3% of GDP.

2) The arts are the leading contributo­r to state growth. There were nearly 800,000 arts and culture sector jobs in California in 2019.

3) Arts and culture practition­ers are essential to community recovery. Artists and arts organizati­ons play an essential role in local recovery from community trauma especially during the pandemic.

4) The arts can mitigate social exclusion and isolation. Arts interventi­ons can elevate the lived experience­s of those previously unheard, unseen or understood by society.

5) The arts provide a pathway to achieve racial equity. They can be used as a tactic for building and organizing social change movements aimed at achieving health equity.

6) The arts offer costeffect­ive health strategies that work. Arts-integrated treatments produce positive clinical outcomes for active-duty military, veterans, and older Americans.

7) The arts improve education. Students with arts education are five times less likely to drop out, four times more likely to score higher academical­ly and three times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree.

8) The arts offer solutions for rural California. Rural counties that house performing arts venues boost residents’ incomes up to $6,000 higher than rural counties without.

9) The arts are a wise investment. Every $1 invested by government­s equals $9 in private and earned matching funds.

10) Arts, culture, and creative expression make ordinary moments extraordin­ary and unforgetta­ble. Art can shift perspectiv­es and generate shared meanings that motivate and transform individual and collective behaviors.

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