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Error made on some Sutter County mail-in ballot envelopes

- By Robert Summa rsumma@appealdemo­

Sutter County Clerk-recorder and Registrar of Voters Donna Johnston said Wednesday that some registered voters in Sutter County may have received mail-in ballots that had an incorrect return address on the top left of the envelope that contains materials required for voting.

Johnston said among the 51,000 ballots that went out Saturday for the June 7 direct primary election, about 1,000 contained a Plumas County return address.

“Due to an error by the certified elections printer Sutter County uses, a small number of Sutter County ballots and voter pamphlets were inserted and mailed out with Plumas County outgoing envelopes,” Johnston said in

a statement on Wednesday. “The approximat­e number of impacted voters is estimated at 1,000. Due to a quality control issue with the printer, outgoing envelopes with Plumas County return address informatio­n were left on the inserting equipment, thereby causing the Sutter County

ballot materials to be inserted into these envelopes.”

While the outside return address of some envelopes may be incorrect, the actual materials inside are correct, she said.

“The ballot, voter pamphlet and ballot return envelope inside the outgoing Plumas County envelopes are correct,” Johnston said. “A

postcard informing voters of the error is in the process of being mailed to impacted voters. If an impacted voter would prefer to have a new ballot and materials mailed to them, one will be issued if requested by the voter. To request a new ballot, a voter can call 530-822-7122 or email the Sutter County Elections office at”

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