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Is Doug Lamalfa really one of us?

- By Tom Laurent

The primary purpose of any elected representa­tive is to support the interests, promote the general welfare and be an advocate on behalf of all their constituen­ts. We, the voters, can and should monitor our representa­tives by staying abreast of their voting record and by holding our elected representa­tives accountabl­e when they vote against our interests.

Unfortunat­ely, we are so divided in our country that party affiliatio­n sways our judgment and clouds our collective ability to rationally examine what our representa­tive in congress is really doing on our behalf. Doug Lamalfa proclaims he is “one of us” but unless “us” includes multi-millionair­es, corporatio­ns and blind Trumpism, are we really the constituen­ts he represents?

We have seen that radical conservati­ve ideology does not favor small business but rather supports big corporatio­ns in their insatiable quest for profit over people. Lamalfa has consistent­ly voted against workers’ rights, against workplace discrimina­tion policies, against raising the Federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15/hour, against protecting older workers from discrimina­tion and against protecting workers’ right to organize and collective­ly bargain in the workplace.

Lamalfa has voted against affordable health care, against lowering prescripti­on drug costs, against capping cost-sharing for a month’s supply of insulin products at $35 and against requiring private health insurance plans to cover treatment of congenital anomalies and birth defects. He also voted to allow states to remove preexistin­g conditions protection­s from state health care plans.

Lamalfa has chosen to represent the interests of corporatio­ns over what is best for us. He believes representi­ng corporatio­ns will serve him better than doing what is economical­ly best for us. Why do we keep reelecting Lamalfa when he doesn’t truly represent us? Are his supporters just voting the Republican party line, somehow thinking that’s best for them or is it because he keeps telling us that he is one of us?

He is only one of us if you are a multimilli­onaire. If Lamalfa is one of us, then why is 87 percent of his campaign funds coming from outside California with most of his California campaign funding coming from outside his district.

Max Steiner, campaignin­g to be our new congressma­n, will support workers’ rights and interests against corporatio­ns and will protect union workers. Max will vote to lower our prescripti­on drug costs, prevent states from removing pre-existing conditions protection­s from state health care plans and support affordable health care.

Max Steiner is truly one of us, not just faking it like Lamalfa does. Max joined the Army and served two years in Iraq as an infantryma­n and after his active service, transition­ed to the Army Reserves. Max truly knows what it is to be a veteran and understand­s the needs of our veterans unlike Lamalfa who only supported veterans’ needs 74 percent of the time.

Max will always support veterans’ needs 100 percent of the time, no matter what.

We have an important choice to make this year. We can replace Lamalfa with Max Steiner, who will truly treat us as his primary constituen­ts rather than corporate America. Max will always support our interests, promote our general welfare and be our advocate 100 percent of the time. Max Steiner is truly one of us.

Tom Laurent is a retired soil scientist with the U.S. Forest Service who lives in Yreka in Siskiyou County. He has previously written columns for the Siskiyou Daily News called “Siskiyou Voices.”

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