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Bet­ter Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk dreams up his last meal on Earth.

How will you die?

Paraski­ing, for­got my chute, put my skis on back­ward… so the res­cuers just shake their heads and laugh.

Deathbed con­fes­sion?

I was a to­tal fake and fraud. But you knew that al­ready, didn’t you? Thanks for keep­ing it un­der your hat.

Last meal?

A shrimp bur­rito from Tacos Delta on West Sun­set—cheap lit­tle taco stand, the best.

To whom on Earth do you owe an apol­ogy, and for what?

Ev­ery­body I ever gave ad­vice to, so… ev­ery­body.

Which of the seven deadly sins gave you the most trou­ble?

It’s ei­ther sloth or pride. Sloth not be­cause I didn’t use a lot of el­bow grease but be­cause I could’ve done more. And pride be­cause I have of­ten been Mr. Pride. In fact, I’ve been voted Mr. Pride ’75, ’79, ’84, ’87–’93, and again ’95–’98!

What do you know now that you didn’t know at 25?

It’s not lead­ing any­where, so just en­joy it.

What’s a real-life sit­u­a­tion in which you would have been bet­ter off call­ing Saul?

Try­ing to get my se­cu­rity de­posit back from a New York land­lord. Wasn’t go­ing to hap­pen with­out a man of Saul’s dex­ter­ity.

Saul’s motto was “Bet­ter safe than sorry.” What’s yours?

“Let’s do this.”

Are you go­ing to heaven or hell?

I’ll go to a place that is a never-end­ing, far-as-the-eye-cansee sports bar, tons of screens, ev­ery game on Earth, pin­ball and slot ma­chines, and Sammy Ha­gar play­ing round the clock. So… hell.

What’s the cra­zi­est thing you ever did here on Earth?

Spent a night on the lip of a vol­cano off Si­cily that ex­ploded ev­ery 40 min­utes or so. That or the hike I took with an eight-year-old and a six-year-old along the trail be­side the Grand Canyon. That was in­sane and hor­ri­ble.

Name one thing you’re glad you’ll never have to do again.

Walk the trail be­side the Grand Canyon with an eight-year-old and a six-year-old.

What would you like to be rein­car­nated as?

Def­i­nitely a hawk—you get to fly real strong and slow way up in the sky, and you get to eat all the raw rat meat you can catch.

You were the cocre­ator of Mr. Show. What sketch do you most re­gret fail­ing to get on the air?

Gay Proud Grampa.

What will it say on your tomb­stone?

“See? I knew this would hap­pen!”


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