The Real House­wives sex­pot dishes on celebrity feuds and the perks of role-play.


You’ve made your mark as a model and ac­tress, but you might be best known as the big­gest star of The real-house wives of mi­ami for the past two years. So why did you de­cide not to do an­other sea­son? It was get­ting to where I didn’t have any friends on the show, and I felt like some of the girls thought, “Oh, my God, this is my five min­utes of fame—i need to bring the drama. I need to be a vi­cious hu­man be­ing so the spot­light will be on me.” I joined the show be­ing this happy per­son with a ca­reer, which made me a bit of a tar­get.

You had a nasty, well-pub­li­cized feud last year with House­wives of bev­erly Hills star Brandi Glanville. Did she ac­tu­ally ac­cuse you of hav­ing, um, bad per­sonal hy­giene? It got out of hand, and there was just way too much be­low-the-belt stuff, lit­er­ally. With Brandi, I got sucker punched. I’d never met her be­fore I was on the show, but we’d send each other com­pli­ments on Twit­ter, so I thought we were cool. And when we fi­nally did meet, she was to­tally a cold bitch to­ward me. Then all of that drama started, and I don’t think she was ex­pect­ing me to fight back [ laughs].

Did you like watch­ing the show? It was tough! When you film, you’re liv­ing that bad mo­ment, but you get over it, make peace, and move on. But then, when the show airs, we’d have to com­ment about it on our blog, what we were think­ing in that par­tic­u­lar crappy mo­ment. So some of the girls would get of­fended and be like, “Oh, my God, I thought you were over it!” It was an end­less cir­cle—i’d be liv­ing those sit­u­a­tions three times be­cause of that.

Your hus­band [Mi­ami club owner Ro­main Zago] isn’t ex­actly the pen­cil-thin type. Are you at­tracted to brawny guys? I think guys need to take care of them­selves. But when they’re re­ally bulky and think about noth­ing but work­ing out? To­tal turnoff! My hus­band used to be re­ally skinny when he was a model and had to fit high-fash­ion mea­sure­ments. Now he works out, but he’s not ob­sessed. I re­spect that.

Be­fore mar­riage, did you date any big celebs? Or, bet­ter yet, turn one down? Ac­tu­ally, I did [ laughs]. I def­i­nitely turned down a pretty huge one. I don’t want to say who, be­cause he’s mar­ried and it’s just go­ing to turn into an enor­mous drama. But, yeah, his man­ager called my man­ager and asked if I’d go to din­ner with him. I was like, “Ooh, to­tally not my type.” Then, a cou­ple of years later, he called again and I said, “No, no, no.” I shut him down com­pletely.

Ro­main once claimed that you wanted a “sex­ual clause” in your mar­riage prenup. Was that a joke? Well, it was a joke, but it was very close to re­al­ity. We’ve al­ways had an is­sue with that sub­ject, be­cause I’ve been the more sex­ual one in the re­la­tion­ship. So I kind of joked to him, like, “If we’re go­ing to get mar­ried, then I’m putting that clause in so I can get it on a regular ba­sis.”

Any ad­vice for other cou­ples wrestling with the same prob­lem? If a girl wants more sex from her man, and she sees that the guy is hav­ing a lot of stress, then plan a ro­man­tic get­away so he can re­ally un­wind and re­lax for a week­end. Spur-of-the­mo­ment things are best. And dress­ing up or role-play­ing def­i­nitely can make things way more in­ter­est­ing and ex­cit­ing.

Speak­ing of role-play, what is your dream movie role? Be­ing a Bond girl! That’s my goal. I’ve ac­tu­ally been dream­ing about that ever since I got into this busi­ness.

You’ve been crit­i­cized for flaunt­ing too much flesh in pub­lic. What do you have to say to your crit­ics? If my man wants me to walk around be­ing su­per­sexy all the time, why not? As long as it’s not trashy, or hurt­ing some­body, or dis­re­spect­ing any­one, then why not? I, for one, ap­pre­ci­ate beau­ti­ful women. When I see them walk­ing down the street, I want to give them a high five.

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