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to come easily—maybe even accidental­ly—to snowboarde­r Red Gerard. Soaring high in the slopestyle at the 2018 Olympics, Gerard became the youngest American male to win a gold medal since the Great Depression. The media seized on what they deemed ultra–Gen Z about the 17-year-old: his supposed devil-may-care attitude, including how he overslept the day of the competitio­n and couldn’t find his jacket, having to borrow one from a teammate. Gerard later insisted he was more together than the media made it sound. But he freely admits he had some growing up to do. “When I was 17, I was such a punkass, honestly,” he says. “I really, to be honest, had no clue why the Olympics had so much hype around them.” At 20, he’s not claiming wisdom, but he knows that being young and brash is one thing and sustaining your talent is another. Not traveling this summer didn’t faze him, because the Silverthor­ne, Colorado, resident has been testing new ways to soar to new heights, his eyes set on the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. Here’s his four-part plan:

a total battle, where you’re going ten to 20 rounds of falling,” he says. “It’s just complete patience.”

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