Men's Health (USA)

SPC Dexter Umedib


Tacoma, Washington Platoon armorer/ military police

My twin brother and I both enlisted when we were 18. We followed in our uncle’s footsteps. I remember as a kid going with him through the gates at Fort Lewis in Washington and being excited. People think others join the military to shoot guns and fight. But we also join to help better ourselves. I want to become a sergeant and travel. I’d love to be stationed in Italy. My brother is in Japan. Lucky him.

My uncle has deployed three times now. Sometimes he’ll have to go sit by himself in a room. I’m kind of afraid of PTSD. But I have resources. Some older guys have been through some bad calls, like suicides. They’ll tell me, “Hey, if you’re going through anything, just let me know. I’m upstairs, three doors down.”

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