Men's Health (USA)

PFC Justin Sablan


Sinajana, Guam

I’d say about 30 percent of my high school class joined the military. It’s common where I’m from in Guam. My whole family is military, too, mostly Air Force. At first, I thought of joining the reserves or National Guard, because I would’ve been stationed in Hawaii and close to home. But then I thought: Why not go somewhere farther and meet more people from different background­s?

During basic, it was hard getting along with others. People tried to mess you over. And we all got punished for one person’s mistake. But there are others from home here at Fort Bragg. We back each other up.

I don’t know whether or not I’ll reenlist. My family owns a food mart, and I took a culinary class in school while in ROTC. That’s what I want to do if I leave the Army.

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