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Go Full Throttle

On a commute or a road trip, these bikes maximize saddle time.


BEST FOR: NEWBIES Honda Rebel 500

The manageable 471cc engine in the overhauled Rebel is enough to be a fun commuter without holding you back anytime soon. An assist-slipper clutch makes it simpler for new riders to shift, but it’s the improved safety and comfort that comes from a new fork, shocks with stiffer springs, redesigned seats, and LED lights that make it easier to take on longer, confidence­boosting rides. Bonus: Its blacked-out frame makes the bike look meaner than ones twice its size. $6,500; powersport­

BEST FOR: EXPERTS Ducati Streetfigh­ter V4

Designers used the Joker’s smile as inspiratio­n for the V4’s LED fascia, and the rest of the bike is just as wicked. With a 1,103cc engine creating 208 horsepower and 90.4 lb-ft of torque, this is Ducati’s most powerful naked bike. To control the chaos, aerofoils apply downforce at high speeds to increase stability. Behind the scenes, sensors provide feedback to the electronic­s suite, so you can flip on Wheelie Control prevention and manage the torque. $19,995;


Longer weekend trips are better with a bigger, faster engine, but it’s the power and responsive­ness to dive into corners and zip right out that makes a ride fun. There’s plenty of that with the BMW’S 895cc parallel-twin engine, delivering a punchy 99 horsepower and 67 lb-ft of torque—but with a twist: selectable riding modes, including one for rain, which tweak the handling based on road conditions. Feel like pushing it? Turn the traction control, and the oversight, off and test yourself. $8,995; bmwmotorcy­

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