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Run for Your Life


You may not be as fleet-footed as you were in your 20s. But even when you’re plodding along, running helps extend your life. A meta-analysis in the British Journal of Sports Medicine gathered data on more than 232,000 people during studies spanning up to 35 years and found that any amount of running, at any speed, lowers a person’s risk of death by a staggering 27 percent. Other researcher­s have suggested that running is a life extender because the sport has positive effects across the body—on blood pressure, body weight, heart health, cancer risk, and more. Plus, it contribute­s to mental well-being. And people see benefits after a weekly run. There’s no wrong way to do it, so if pavement pounding is boring, try trails. Hate long distance? Do intervals, or measure runs in minutes—go for 15 or 20 at a time.

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