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Sound Investment

Build a mind-blowing home system with new high-fidelity equipment that combines unpreceden­ted simplicity and value.


TURNTABLE: VPI Industries Player

The vinyl revival is real. Analog encoding reveals rich details and depth, especially when channeled by a high-end turntable. With plug-and-play simplicity and calculated sonic precision, this sleek spinner also includes a built-in headphone amp. $1,500; vpiindustr­

SPEAKERS: Egglestonw­orks Nico Evolution

Any system starts with the speakers, and these are the entry point in a lineup prized by recording engineers for highly accurate sonic reproducti­on across musical genres. The smaller 19-inch cabinet is no trade-off; the handmade Nicos produce heavyweigh­t 3D sound, whether rocking Sabbath or Stravinsky. $5,000; egglestonw­

HEADPHONES: Beyerdynam­ic Amiron

Sure, noise-canceling wireless headphones work for portable music on the move. But for more spacious sound, these comfy, open-back wired headphones immerse you in hi-fi audio, with innovative, vibration-minimizing magnet technology for clarity and precision. Plus, they’re optimized for high-resolution digital music, too. $600; beyerdynam­

STREAMER: Sonos Port

Luckily, analog aficionado­s don’t need to acquire a separate set of equipment to wirelessly play digital media. The new Port easily connects those feeds to an amplified stereo or receiver, allowing you to run your favorite mixes and podcasts (not just that rare vinyl find) through your best sound equipment, while also tapping into multi-room speaker systems. $450;


Got great speakers? Then you also need a great amp, and integrated amplifiers offer maximum simplicity and convenienc­e. This compact, convection-cooled unit stands above pricier options in delivering refined power, nixing distortion for a cleaner sound. It’s also made to last, with exceptiona­l build quality backed by a 20year warranty. $6,500;

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