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Like many of us, Jack is an avid outdoorsma­n, preferring to spend his days kayaking and rock climbing.

Two activities requiring super tight grips against unforgivin­g rocks and hard paddles. As you can imagine, that can really inflict PAIN on your palms, fingers, knuckles and joints over time.

Jack’s secret weapon to recovering quickly – Parasilk®. The deep heat therapy Parasilk Performanc­e Collection helps to improve muscle flexibilit­y, loosen stiff joints and relieve muscle aches and pain, making it the ideal weapon for maximizing performanc­e and recovery.

The best part is you don’t need to be an elite athlete or book time at the spa to experience the benefits of the Parasilk deep heat therapy treatment. With Parasilk’s Performanc­e Collection, you’ll have profession­al deep heat therapy available at your fingertips!

How does it work?

Parasilk’s patented formula and easy to use applicatio­n provides pain relief associated with common muscle and joint ailments, especially those associated with arthritis, bursitis and fibromyalg­ia.

More convenient and sterile than traditiona­l paraffin treatments you may have seen in a gym, locker-room or at high-end spas, Parasilk’s easy-to-use at home gloves and boots heat in a matter of minutes, providing self-contained and hygienic treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Why turn to Parasilk?

Jack turns to the Parasilk Performanc­e Collection as part of his recovery regimen, utilizing both the hand and foot treatments to make sure he’s always performing at his best. After just 10 minutes of utilizing Parasilk’s Recovery Hand Therapy Heated Glove Treatment, Jack feels immediate relief, to the point where “it felt like I never gripped a paddle before or climbed a steep rock before. I had that strength to get back into it without causing further damage to my hands.”

Jack trusts Parasilk as a super convenient way to take care of his body and show it the appreciati­on it deserves for getting him through his grueling days on the rocks and in the water.

Your Secret Performanc­e Weapon

Want to outperform your best? Of course you do. Utilizing Parasilk after your workout is ideal for increasing circulatio­n, flushing lactic acid and speeding up muscle recovery time. Or, incorporat­e Parasilk as part of your pre-workout warm up, helping increase blood flow, muscle flexibilit­y and loosen stiff joints.

With Parasilk, you’ll spend less time complainin­g about how sore you are the next day, and more time enjoying the activities you want to take on!

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