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The urge to smoke doesn’t stop with turkeys and Boston butts. For your next cookout, go for a little strange on the side.



Science alert: Eggshells are permeable, resulting in a mahogany, bacon-flavored hard egg fantastic for boosting the flavor of deviled eggs and potato salad. How: Place raw eggs (in the shell) directly on the grate of a 160°F smoker for 30 to 60 minutes.


Take your charcuteri­e board to the next level with some smoky-salty olives. How: Spread out a mix of pitted, brined olives, green and black, on a metal pan. Add to a 225°F smoker. Check for desired flavor after 30 minutes; leave up to 2 hours for max smokiness.


Awesome spread on toasted buns or grilled corn; one taste of smoky butter will cement your status as a smoker savant. How: Cut up good butter and place in a metal bowl. Add to a 225°F smoker for 3 minutes at full smoke. It will melt a bit, but chill and then stir to fluff up.


Banish bitterness and transform cabbage into a moist, tender treat. Simply toss in a favorite dressing, or shred to make the best slaw ever. How: Cut in wedges. Coat in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Add to a 250°F smoker until outer leaves are blackened on the edges, about 3 hours.

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