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From football to fashion, Tom Brady never loses.


Style is all about the details and one of the easiest ways to elevate your look for a cool, classic vibe is with the perfect eyewear. Whether you’re looking for blue-light blockers, a practical prescripti­on pair or for suave sunglasses to accent your outfit, Cloos x Brady may be just what you need to go from style chump to champion.

That’s right—seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady has brought his onthe-field excellence to eyewear with a commitment to timeless menswear and environmen­tal sustainabi­lity.

The Cloos x Brady collab is a line of 100 percent eco-friendly eyewear, perfect for bringing an air of elegance to any arena be it a day at the office, a tropical vacay or guys’ night out.

Take a page out of Tom Brady’s playbook and score a pair before they’re gone!

Classic with a Modern Twist Cloos x Brady in Grey Tonic (Blue Light & Prescripti­on, $179; Sunglasses, $189) With an attention to detail like no other, Cloos x Brady combines classic elements with a modern take on sustainabi­lity. These flawless frames are biodegrada­ble and planet-friendly —what’s more stylish than sustainabi­lity?

California Cool

Cloos x Brady Pacifica in Noire (Blue Light & Prescripti­on, $169; Sunglasses, $179) Vintage rounded edges with durable stainless steel meets total retro coolness for the perfect ode to Tom Brady’s Bay Area roots. These feelgood frames make you look good instantly.

Laidback Legend

Cloos x Brady Hermosa in Noire (Blue Light & Prescripti­on, $189; Sunglasses, $199) A nod to Hermosa Beach in Costa Rica, these frames are perfect for recharging in style. Made for the minimalist in you, these glasses are composed of Mazzucchel­li acetate and ensure chill vibes wherever you go.

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