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It’s not just new rules. These changes have also contribute­d to the dominance of quarterbac­ks.


Receiver Respect

2007: Illegal cut block becomes 15-yard penalty, instead of just 5. 2009: 15-yard penalty for hitting defenseles­s receiver in head or neck. Completing passes is way easier when your best receivers are around to catch them.

Surgical Advances

In November 2020, Bengals QB Joe Burrow’s rookie season ended when his ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus were torn in a game against Washington. The next season he almost won a Super Bowl. Joe Theismann is extremely jealous.

Financial Incentive

As a rookie in 1969, Cowboy Roger Staubach earned $25,000. He retired after 11 seasons to become a real estate magnate now worth $600 million. Meanwhile, Joe Flacco has a decent shot at $200 million in career earnings— not Staubach money but pretty good.

Superior Training

We all know about Tom Brady’s avocado ice cream. Whereas in the ‘70s, Hall of Fame QBS like Lenny Dawson huffed smokes on the sidelines and Kenny Stabler happily discussed spending his off-season boozing in the “Redneck Riviera.”

Blindside Makes Bank

Not only are QBS paid a ton, so are the guys who keep them upright—witness San Francisco left tackle Trent Williams averaging $23 million per season.

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