Am­ber Heard & Elon Musk are Instagram-of­fi­cial

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A fa­mil­iar face has ca­su­ally popped up on Am­ber Heard’s Instagram.

That’s right: Heard, 32, posted a pic­ture of her ca­su­ally hav­ing din­ner with the side of Elon Musk’s face. And she made sure to mark him be­fore the pic­ture was snapped: Musk has a faint but clear kissshaped lip­stick mark on his cheek. Heard cap­tioned it “Cheeky,” just in case things were too sub­tle, which they ab­so­lutely are not.

Musk, 45, shared a sim­i­lar pic­ture around a sim­i­lar time, so yeah. I guess they are of­fi­cial.

Last week, Heard’s fa­ther told Grazia mag­a­zine that the pair was very se­ri­ous. “She would love to get mar­ried. One of the things they want to do is set­tle down and have a fam­ily. They are mak­ing plans for that.” Why Heard’s fa­ther is telling all of her busi­ness, I do not know.

While I’m no re­la­tion­ship ex­pert, I’m think­ing nei­ther of them needs to be rush­ing into an­other short-lived mar­riage. Heard fi­nal­ized her di­vorce from Johnny Depp ear­lier this year, while Musk di­vorced from his sec­ond wife for a sec­ond time late last year.

Also, con­sid­er­ing Musk al­ready has six chil­dren, I think they’re good on the fam­ily front. This is start­ing to feel like a mod­ern-day Von Trapp sit­u­a­tion, and not in a good way.


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