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riff on its themes, with some fun ref­er­ences planted for those who know, but it’s def­i­nitely it’s own crea­ture. I cer­tainly owe a debt to the way the verse and rhythms func­tion in the Mac­beth/Lady Mac­beth scenes. The other big in­spi­ra­tion for the play were June and Jen­nifer Gib­bons, who are ut­terly fas­ci­nat­ing. In ret­ro­spect, and think­ing about the Gib­bons twins, I think what drew me to the idea was how in­tensely they both loved and hated each other—at­tach­ment and re­sent­ment. There are a lot of iden­tity pol­i­tics in the play, and the need to carve out an in­di­vid­ual iden­tity feels so pri­mal. So the stakes of that, the life-and-death stakes, felt right. I went to a pretty in­tense high school, where we all kind of knew who would be the April 27-May 27, Rabb Hall, 700 Boyl­ston St. T ick­ets avail­able at com­pa­ny­one.org.

three kids who were go­ing to Har­vard. Be­cause of that, I ac­tu­ally felt pretty spared from the pres­sure of need­ing to be “the best.” But I wit­nessed some of my friends dev­as­tated when they didn’t get into “the good Ivies.” That prob­a­bly did in­form the play. The play is a satire, and peo­ple say and do some truly ter­ri­ble things in it. There’s al­ways the dan­ger with satire that folks take it lit­er­ally. I hope peo­ple are able to rec­og­nize that this is an Amer­i­can story. What kinds of val­ues are we in­still­ing in our young peo­ple? What’s our com­plic­ity as a so­ci­ety in the struc­tures that shape these val­ues?

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These girls are ruth­less.

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