How to di­rect a hor­ror film while preg­nant

Alice Lowe wor­ried she wouldn’t be able to make “Pre­venge” while she was with child. But she did.

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Alice Lowe is very nice. That’s a lit­tle sur­real if you saw her in “Sight­seers.” In the 2012 dark com­edy, which she also co-wrote, Lowe played a mousy wo­man whose boyfriend (Steve Oram) schools her in the joys of grue­somely offing ran­dom strangers. She’s at it again in “Pre­venge,” which she di­rected, wrote and stars in, this time as a preg­nant wo­man who be­lieves her un­born baby is telling her to kill.

Thing is, Lowe was re­ally with child at the time. She wrote and di­rected the film while very preg­nant, work­ing out some of her anx­i­eties in a very bloody movie.

“I had all the nor­mal fears: ‘What’s go­ing to hap­pen to my body? Will I die? Am I go­ing to change overnight like a Step­ford wife? Am I go­ing to be­come a dif­fer­ent per­son?’” Lowe re­calls. But she was also draw­ing on her less ex­pected anx­i­eties.

“It had a lot to do with my fears of be­ing an ac­tress, of be­ing self-em­ployed,” she says. “There isn’t much of a safety net if you’re go­ing to have a kid. A lot of my friends who are fel­low ac­tresses told me, ‘Don’t tell peo­ple you’re preg­nant, be­cause you won’t work for ages.’ When it’s over, you can’t say, ‘I’m back! I want to work!’ Peo­ple per­ceive you as hav­ing dis­ap­peared.”

“Pre­venge” is the first fea­ture film Lowe has di­rected her­self, and she’s amazed it hap­pened at all. “I had thought my dreams of di­rect­ing were over, be­cause I was hav­ing a baby,” she re­mem­bers. “I was like, ‘Who do I know that di­rects films and has a tiny baby?’ I know plenty of men, but no women. I thought it was game over in terms of get­ting to do what­ever I wanted.”

But she did get to make it. “For me to do this while I’m preg­nant, it’s al­most like say­ing, ‘You see? I can do this stand­ing on my head,’” she says.

Still, she doesn’t want

to guilt trip any­one. “It wasn’t my aim to make preg­nant women feel bad that they’re not mak­ing a fea­ture film in their third trimester,” Lowe jokes. “The point I was try­ing to make is you can do what­ever you like.”


In “Pre­venge,” writer and direc­tor Alice Lowe plays a very preg­nant wo­man who thinks her un­born child is telling her to kill.


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