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An­other thing she wanted to do was make a movie with a pro­tag­o­nist who isn’t ex­actly sym­pa­thetic. Ruth may be mad, but she’s also a mur­derer, and she takes glee in tak­ing a sharp blade to peo­ple she’s never met, or hack­ing off a poor guy’s mem­ber.

“One of my in­spi­ra­tions was ‘Taxi Driver,’” Lowe says. “I’ve long thought about why there are no fe­male ‘Taxi Driv­ers.’ Why don’t we have loner, mav­er­ick out­siders who are fe­male? Peo­ple are ca­pa­ble of watch­ing ‘Taxi Driver’ and not think­ing, ‘What a ter­ri­ble rep­re­sen­ta­tion of men.’ They un­der­stand he’s just one man. And you don’t have to like him. Why would Travis Bickle need to be lik­able? Yet that’s a ques­tion that gets ap­plied to fe­male char­ac­ters of­ten. I hear that a lot as a writer and as an ac­tress: ‘Why isn’t she lik­able enough?’ Who cares? That’s a so­cial judg­ment. That shouldn’t come into a cre­ative work of fic­tion.”

Lowe hopes that the film in­dus­try will take the right lessons from cer­tain re­cent hits, like “Get Out.” “Cer­tain peo­ple are un­der­rep­re­sented in cinema,” she ex­plains. “Peo­ple have an ap­petite to see sto­ries told in dif­fer­ent ways. We’re quite jaded as an au­di­ence now. I think we want to see some­thing that feels fresh and new. That seems truth­ful as well. We want to see things in films that aren’t be­ing said, that are the ele­phants in the room.”

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