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The thing about Spi­der­Man is that he’s us. He’s any of us. I watched the trailer for “Spi­der­Man: Home­com­ing” this morn­ing and it’s more ob­vi­ous in this ver­sion of the Mar­vel su­per­hero than it’s been in any of the ver­sions I’ve seen out there. Peter Parker is a hot mess. He’s not just the adorable kid from “Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War” with the cute face and the quippy lines. He’s me when I have no idea what I’m do­ing. He’s your lit­tle sis­ter when she fol­lows you around and tries to go to the same birth­day party, know­ing that no one wants her there. He’s your buddy who just doesn’t get why they’re sup­posed to turn a blind eye to the bad stuff in the world and maybe talks about it too much.

The thing about Spi­der-Man is that he sort of bum­bles his way to great­ness. You can see it in the new trailer. He asks Tony Stark for all the rules about join­ing the Avengers, even know­ing that Tony sort of used him to win the bat­tle. He knows “dad” doesn’t want him in­volved, but he just can’t help him­self. It’s be­cause he wants to help, the same way your lit­tle sis­ter thinks she’s help­ing when she cov­ers the kitchen with flour to help your dad bake cook­ies.

His friends think what he does is cool, but they just don’t un­der­stand. Peter feels mis­un­der­stood. He just knows he has to do what he does. He hides his new ca­reer as a web­slinger from Aunt May the way you hid your search for the per­fect su­per-soaker from your Aunt Gla­dys. It’s im­por­tant for him to save peo­ple the way it was im­por­tant for you to not step on that ant at the pic­nic.

I know. This sounds like a ram­ble. It’s just this crazy re­ac­tion I had to the trailer. I haven’t had one like it with other Spi­der-Man films — not since the first one, any­way. Spi­der-Man wears a mask, so I could to­tally be him. So could you. They’re not mak­ing him cool-but-dorky. He’s not re­ally-hot-butev­ery­one-treats-him­like-he’s-a-nerd-be­cause­movies, like the last one. This time around, he re­ally feels like the kid next door. He feels like the guy in class who has been sav­ing up his su­per cool joke all day and when he tells it, it falls flat.

He feels like us. it’s nice to see some­one so or­di­nary do ex­tra­or­di­nary things. It re­minds us that we can, too.


Tom Hol­land’s Spidey, whose film ar­rives in the­aters on July 7, looks a lot more re­lat­able than the An­drew Garfield in­car­na­tion.

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