How to watch a live stream of the 2017 so­lar eclipse

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You’ll be able to watch a live stream of the 2017 so­lar eclipse and all of its splen­dor in mul­ti­ple ways and in HD.

Stargaz­ers lo­cated in the “path of to­tal­ity” – the path that the moon’s shadow fol­lows on Earth – will be treated to a to­tal so­lar eclipse be­gin­ning at 9:04 a.m. PDT in Ore­gon. NASA has pro­vided a to­tal so­lar eclipse in­ter­ac­tive map show­ing the eclipse’s path and best places to view it.

If you didn’t make travel plans to visit ar­eas along the “path of to­tal­ity,” you can al­ways fire up your com­puter or mo­bile de­vice and see all the magic via live stream.

2017 so­lar eclipse live stream on Slooh

Be­gin­ning at 11:30 a.m. EDT, Slooh will be­gin their live cov­er­age of the 2017 so­lar eclipse. Ac­cord­ing to their web­site, they will have as­tronomers on the ground in Stan­ley, Idaho, and a “team of feed part­ners” show­ing the ex­act mo­ment the Sun is en­gulfed in dark­ness. Slooh has also part­nered with Univi­sion to pro­vide the cov­er­age in Span­ish. Dur­ing the event, view­ers can ask ques­tions to a panel of Slooh as­tronomers by tag­ging @Slooh on Twit­ter. Event de­tails for Slooh’s live cov­er­age of the so­lar eclipse can be found on their main page for the event.

2017 so­lar eclipse live stream on NASA

NASA’s live cov­er­age will run from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will let view­ers see the ac­tiv­i­ties in 12 lo­ca­tions us­ing air­planes, ground tele­scopes and 57 high al­ti­tude bal­loons. Their live stream of the 2017 so­lar eclipse will be on their main event page as well as Face­book Live, YouTube, Twit­ter/ Periscope, Twitch TV, Ustream and NASA mo­bile apps. You have plenty of op­tions.

2017 so­lar eclipse live stream on CNN

Be­gin­ning at 1 p.m. CNN will live stream the 2017 so­lar eclipse with mul­ti­ple 4K, 360-de­gree cam­eras that will be set up along the eclipse path, giv­ing view­ers the chance to see the eclipse from vir­tu­ally all an­gles. The live stream video will be on CNN’s Face­book page via Face­book Live 360.

There are choices for peo­ple who can­not view the eclipse in per­son.

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