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Here are the bestseller­s for the week that ended Jan. 20, compiled from data from independen­t and chain bookstores, book wholesaler­s and independen­t distributo­rs nationwide, powered by Circana BookScan © 2024 Circana.


1. Iron Flame. Rebecca Yarros. Red

2. Fourth Wing. Rebecca Yarros.

Red Tower

3. The Fury. Alex Michaelide­s. Celadon

4. The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store. James McBride. Riverhead

5. First Lie Wins. Ashley Elston. Viking/Dorman

6. Holmes, Marple & Poe. Patterson/ Sitts. Little, Brown

7. Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands. Heather Fawcett. Del Rey

8. Sanctuary of the Shadow. Aurora Ascher. Red Tower

9. The Little Liar. Mitch Albom.


10. The Exchange. John Grisham. Doubleday


1. Breaking Free from Broke. George Kamel. Ramsey

2. Practicing the Way. John Mark Comer. WaterBrook

3. Come Hungry. Melissa Ben-Ishay. Morrow

4. Oath and Honor. Liz Cheney. Little, Brown

5. The Creative Act. Rick Rubin. Penguin Press

6. The Wager. David Grann. DouTower bleday

7. Outlive. Peter Attia. Harmony

8. Black Liturgies. Cole Arthur Riley. Convergent

9. How to Know a Person. David Brooks. Random House

10. The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory. Tim Alberta. Harper


1. Icebreaker. Hannah Grace. Atria

2. Midnight Ruin. Katee Robert. Sourcebook­s Casablanca

3. Throne of Glass. Sarah J. Maas. Bloomsbury

4. Wildfire. Hannah Grace. Atria

5. The Worst Best Man. Lucy Score. Bloom

6. House of Sky and Breath. Sarah J. Maas. Bloomsbury

7. All Good People Here. Ashley Flowers. Bantam

8. Never Lie. Freida McFadden. Poisoned Pen

9. The Housemaid’s Secret. Freida McFadden. Mobius

10. King of Wrath. Ana Huang. Bloom

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