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VH1 Love & Hip Hop Miami Marrying a hip hop star is not always days by the pool and nights with Cristal. Amara has had enough of her baby daddy talking smack on social media and decides to fight fire with fire. Then, Safaree brings a surprising new horse into the stable.

8 p.m. 8 p.m. America’s Most Wanted


John and Callahan Walsh ask for viewer’s help with the toughest cases from the FBI and U.S. Marshall’s Office. Working with a team of experts, the crimes are reenacted, utilizing stateof-the-art technology to illustrate what suspects might look like now. 8 p.m. (6) America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League The semi-finals continue in the latest episode of this fantasy sports-themed spinoff of “America’s Got Talent.” With only three more spots remaining in the grand final, the 10 remaining semi-finalists need to step up their game to avoid eliminatio­n.

9 p.m. BRAVO Below Deck In this Season 11 premiere, Captain Kerry has arrived to take the place of Captain Lee. Ben Willoughby, who was promoted from deckhand to lead deckhand last season, is back. Plus, fan-favorite Fraser Olender returns with his iconic personalit­y in tow.

9 p.m. HGTV Battle on the Mountain The views from here might be great, but it’s back to looking inward as the teams get to work on their living rooms. As part of this week’s challenge, teams must incorporat­e antique store finds into the design and make it look seamless if they want to win.

(2) Independen­t Lens When Sister Una is given a terminal cancer diagnosis, the hip, wisecracki­ng, rule-breaking nun chooses to live her best life, which includes planning

10 p.m.

her own funeral during her last nine months. This vigor serves as an inspiratio­n for those around her.

AETV Secrets of Polygamy This episode explores the Order’s belief in a Holy Bloodline, which links their members directly to Jesus Christ. To gather further understand­ing, Browning speaks with three former members to discuss

10 p.m.

the tactics used by the Order to maintain these ideals.


10 p.m. Bad Romance — A Special Edition of 20/20

During this special edition of “20/20,” fans are given an inside look at some seriously tumultuous relationsh­ips, unveiling the heart stopping realities of romance gone wrong. An expert cast of journalist­s shares real life horror stories of love and loss.

 ?? ?? Terry Crews hosts “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League”
Terry Crews hosts “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League”
 ?? ?? John Walsh and Cal Walsh host “America’s Most Wanted”
John Walsh and Cal Walsh host “America’s Most Wanted”

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