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8 p.m. FOOD Tournament of Champions When connected to the culinary arts, the term “sudden death” usually implies food poisoning. But when Guy Fieri brings together some of the world’s best chefs for a single-eliminatio­n tournament, they develop an unsatiated taste for battle.

Nature As part of a conservati­on movement, this documentar­y

8 p.m. (2)

shows a growing number of bird lovers, experts and citizen scientists mobilizing in order to understand the changing world in which migratory shorebirds must continue to adapt in order to survive.

8 p.m. (10) The Conners It looks like things are heating up between Becky (Lucy Goranson) and her new boyfriend, Tyler (Sean Astin), in this season premiere. Meanwhile, life continues as unusual in Lanford for the Conners, including Dan (John Goodman) and Darlene (Sara Gilbert).

8 p.m. (39) Wild Cards Shooting the curl takes a serious turn when a surfer gets shot and washes up on the beach. To catch the killer, Ellis (Giacomo Gianniotti) goes undercover on the coast while Max (Vanessa Morgan) digs deeper into a criminal scheme of epic proportion­s.

8 p.m. (6) Chicago Med Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) wishes she had the Zen-like patience of a Jedi master when two people close to her end up in the emergency department. Meanwhile, Archer’s (Steven Weber) first day back has him treating a paranoid patient. 9 p.m. HISTORY American Pickers Mike and Jersey go deep into the Tar Heel State and discover a collection of mad scientist-related antique medical “equipment” that put the quack in quackery. Meanwhile, in California, Larry’s barn is chocked full of vintage cars, motorcycle­s and gear.

9 p.m. (4) Let’s Make a Deal Primetime It seems like host Wayne Brady is counting down the days to Super Bowl LVIII with a new primetime edition of the game show that begs to know what items you have rolling around in your purse or pants’ pockets. Who will score big on the gridiron of deals?

9 p.m. (10) Abbott Elementary Unfortunat­ely, due to the writer’s strike, “Abbott Elementary’s” winter break lasted longer than expected. Fortunatel­y, Miss Janine Teague (Quinta Brunson) is back with a hall pass and ready to check homework for this special one-hour Season 3 premiere.

9 p.m. (7) We Are Family Anthony Anderson and his mother, Doris Bowman, host this brand-new music-based game show. The series sees an audience of 100 contestant­s try to determine which celebrity the singer is related to after they share a duet with their hidden famous relative.

10 p.m. AETV Booked: First Day In

It’s a busy night in California. First, a young man faces the effects of separation anxiety as he sits in holding after a physical confrontat­ion with his ex. Then, a man caught for blowing up a car goes face-to-face with a figure of his past.

 ?? ?? Wayne Brady hosts “Let’s Make a Deal Primetime”
Wayne Brady hosts “Let’s Make a Deal Primetime”
 ?? ?? John Goodman stars in “The Conners”
John Goodman stars in “The Conners”

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