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Local, state and federal officials recognize that sea-level rise presents a real danger to properties across Florida. Vulnerable areas have been identified and plans have been developed to address its effects. However, what is missing is a dedicated funding source to tackle this existentia­l problem.

One possible solution is the creation of a resiliency utility. It would have the authority to adopt fees sufficient to plan, construct, operate, acquire and maintain systems identified in a master plan.

Funds could be collected on a property-tax bill and pledged to finance necessary capital improvemen­ts. Private entities could administer the utility to shift risk and create better efficienci­es. The Florida Legislatur­e should authorize this.

Local government­s can plan for sea-level rise, but without a dedicated funding source, such plans will succumb, along with any structures, to the sea.

– Chad S. Friedman,

Coral Gables

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