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The man on the radio said Vice President Kamala Harris rewrote the Constituti­on. No, she did not. What she did was omit a key word at her recent speech in Tallahasse­e.

She said, “The Constituti­on guarantees the rights of freedom and the pursuit of happiness.” She omitted “life,” presumably because she was speaking at a pro-abortion rally. “Life,” however, includes other important issues besides the Roe v. Wade debate: the mass killings throughout the country, including children murdered in our schools.

Harris should visit poor neighborho­ods, such as the predominan­tly African-American ones near the White House, where youth are often killed in drive-by shootings. She should invite their mothers to the White House.

I’m sure Harris was not thinking about them when she removed the unalienabl­e right to “life” from her recent speech.

– Frank Calzon,

Arlington, VA

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