Miami Herald


- – Robert Barrar, Miami

The Florida Legislatur­e has passed legislatio­n restrictin­g what books can be made available in public schools and what subjects may be taught to children. I grew up believing the United States was a free and open society. Unfortunat­ely, things have changed.

Children should be able to learn about all issues, including past transgress­ions against all people and how the country got to where it is now. The old adage states that those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it. Unfortunat­ely, this is now where we are.

One of Adolf Hitler’s initial acts was to burn all the books that did not support Nazi propaganda, gaining control over the thoughts and minds of Germany’s people. We all know the result: World War II and the Holocaust.

The Legislatur­e seeks to control our children’s thoughts and minds. We must vote all these legislator­s out of office. Our children’s futures are at risk.

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