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Miami’s Cano Health deals with bankruptcy and a license suspension

- BY DAVID J. NEAL dneal@miamiheral­

Miami’s Cano Health declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, the state smacked one of the healthcare company’s locations with an emergency license suspension order.

And that Jan. 26 emergency suspension order (ESO) came down the day after yet another Cano Health landlord posted a lease terminatio­n for failure to pay rent for three months.

That notice was on the door of now-empty offices on 2380 and 2390 NW Seventh St., a building on the Little Havana promenade dotted with present and recently past healthcare facilities.

One in the latter group is another former Cano Health location, 2344 NW Seventh St., where the only remaining sign of the company’s presence is the address marker.


The Cano Health in a slice of unincorpor­ated Miami-Dade between Miami and Hialeah remains open at 3448 NW 79th Ave. but it can’t deliver therapeuti­c massages.

The ESO says all licensed massage establishm­ents must have a licensed masBefore sage therapist as a designated establishm­ent manager (DEM).

“On Nov. 30, the Department of Health learned that the DEM no longer works at Cano,” the ESO said. “On Dec. 13, the Department learned that the licensed massage therapist identified to the Department as the DEM denied ever being Cano’s DEM.

“On or before Nov. 30, 2023 and the date of this order, Cano failed to have a DEM practicing at its location.”

Cano Health didn’t answer an emailed inquiry from the Miami Herald about the suspension.


The list of those in Miami having trouble paying the rent apparently includes Cano Health.

A scan of Miami-Dade civil court filings shows Lakeside Center Shoppes filed suit on Dec. 4 and got a final judgment for eviction on Jan. 24 for 13750 NW 107th Ave., Unit Nos. 101-107 in Hialeah Gardens.

On Dec. 8, CCD PR No. 11 LLC said in a court filing that Cano owed $76,363.79 in rent for

5605 NW 82nd Ave. in Doral.

Another Doral landlord, 107 Commercial Property LLC, said on Dec. 12 that Cano didn’t pay

November and December rent for 3301 NW 107th Ave. and owed the entire amount of the rest of the lease, $6,908,783.

HTA-AW Palmetto filed suit on Dec. 12 looking for $72,666.20 in back rent, plus attorneys fees and costs, claiming Cano stopped paying rent last fall for 7120 W. 20th Ave., Suite 304 in Hialeah.

State records say 2380 and 2390 NW Seventh St. is owned by 2380-90 NW 7 Street LLC, a company formed by Doral’s Luis Fajardo and Ric Arcadi to buy the building from Jaafar Investment Group in October 2022. Ali Hussein Jaafar’s Pinnacle Imaging had been located there until 2022 and the building still bears its logos.

But the front door bears a notice posted by 238090 NW 7 Street attorney Jerry Borbon of Bauer, Gutierrez & Borbon with a three-day notice to vacate or pay $168,703.76 in rent for November, December and January.

The Chapter 11 filing put the cases on inactive status. “In most instances, the filing of the bankruptcy case automatica­lly stays certain collection and other actions against the debtor and the debtor’s property,” U.S. Bankruptcy Court Clerk Una O’Boyle wrote.

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